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On one of our early dates, this song came on the radio just as we pulled into the parking garage. I kept being late in the era when you had to clock on.I was thinking how I would like to sit and listen when she said "Can we just stay here and listen to this song? I was absolutely floored by how much of a connection we had over this song, and music in general. Things were getting out of hand so I chanced explaining my addiction to my boss - relieved that it wasn't laziness, I think, he sided with me, understood, and kept me on. I've never heard it mentioned, but Love Lies Bleeding is the common name of a flower!I never understood him grinning while playing this in concert, but when I found out he wrote for his own funeral, the grinning made sense (sort-of).I went to Halloween party in Crown Point, IN, in 1979 that opened with Funeral For a Friend. On one end of the building two large doors swung slowly open to revealed heads lights of an old hearse. Zombie-like "pall bearers" exited the vehicle to pull a casket out of the back.When the piano comes in all by itself at the beginning of LLB, that's the way piano is supposed to sound.

It remains the only EJ album/CD I own; and I couldnt listen to the entire album in one setting..that track gives me chills!

Women can scream all they like about what scum men are, but when it comes to selfish, cowardly acts, they can match them, blow for blow.

It was 1974 and my Mother and Father were in the midst of a horrible divorce.

This is not only my favorite Elton John song, but it's also my favorite song, period.

I love the beginning, but that spot where the two songs come together sounds so good, I have to stop what I'm doing to focus on it.

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    I was very unsure of all that.” Leah, however, forged ahead. Her one concession to upstate New York’s brutal winter is a Syracuse sweatshirt that she can quickly jettison as soon as she enters any party.